1. Early Cambrian (Marianian) trilobites and associated faunas from the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Geopark: A scientific and heritage approach.

Eduardo Mayoral Alfaro; Eladio Liñán; Rodolfo Gozalo; Jose Antonio Gámez Vintaned; María Eugenia Eugenia Dies Álvarez; Luis Collantes Ruiz; Ana Santos; Alberto Gil-Toja

Volume 4, Issue 1 , Winter and Spring 2021


  Some exceptional paleontological trilobite sites located in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla UNESCO Global Geopark are presented herein, together with an analysis of their geotourism / geotrail potential and a proposal for geoconservation. The sites are of Marianian age, a regional stage and age of the Cambrian ...  Read More

2. Burmese Amber Fossils, Mining, Sales and Profits

George Poinar; Sieghard Ellenberger

Volume 3, Issue 1 , Winter and Spring 2020, , Pages 12-16


  The present work investigates the mining and sale of fossiliferous Burmese amber to determine if the profits are being used by the Myanmar military to commit atrocities against minority groups or ethnic armies within the country, as recently implied.  Our conclusion, based on the information available ...  Read More

3. “Canaralele din Portul Hârșova”- Paleontological importance of the most representative Oxfordian geosite in Central Dobrogea, Romania

Delia-Georgeta Dumitraş; Dan Grigore; Diana Perşa; Mohamed Abioui

Volume 2, Issue 1 , Summer and Autumn 2019, , Pages 40-44


  “Canaralele din Portul Hârșova” geosite is integrated into ‘Canaralele Dunarii’ Natura 2000 site (ROSCI0022), and represents the northern part of the geologic profile in Jurassic deposits that is exposed along the Danube River valley between Hârșova and Capidava. ...  Read More